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A Guide To Writing An Essay On Bullying

Bullying is a big problem. It mostly happens in schools when the strong/popular kids pick on the weak/unpopular ones. It has become such as menace that several kids have committed suicide for being bullied. This is why teachers often ask their students to write essays about bullying. They do this with the intention of sensitizing their students about the menace.

Most students do not know how to go about writing an essay about bullying. In fact, those who have experienced bullying often have difficulty writing about it. This guide is set to change all that with these guidelines on how to write about bullying.

Essay about Bullying: Determine the Type

There are different types of essays, and all types are applicable to bullying. They include:

  • Definition essays – these define the problem
  • Narrative essays – these narrate a story about the problem
  • Cause & effect essays – these probe the causes of bullying and investigate its effects
  • Compare and contrast essays – these compare the problem with other similar problems
  • Argumentative essays – these argue either for or against the problem
  • Persuasive essays – these seek to prove why a certain step should be taken with regard to the problem
  • Research papers – this research about the problem in a bid to learn more about it

The type of essay you choose for the topic will depend entirely on your preference or on the teacher’s given topic and prompt.

Come Up with a Good Topic

Next, you will need to come up with a good topic for your bullying in schools essay. The topic you craft should be concise and insightful. Readers should know exactly what to expect just by reading the topic. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an overly broad topic, or else your research will be in disarray – a narrow topic; on the other hand, will also limit your research options.

There are many viable bullying essay topics that you can find online. Alternatively, you can use your creativity and brainstorm to come up with a unique one.

Thesis and Introduction

Your essay on bullying is as good as its thesis and introduction. The thesis should be a window into the content while the introduction should be like a crash-course on the topic.

As such, make sure that the thesis fully captures the research in as few words as possible. Spice up the introduction by unmasking bullying for what it is: a menace. This is where you should briefly mention about the prevalence of bullying in schools and institutions across the countries as well as its effects on the victims. Be sure to quote statistics on how many kids are bullied. You can also go a step further and even mention about the increase in suicide rates as a result of bullying.

If your thesis and introduction are not captivating your professor will be discouraged from reading your essay – and you will not like your grade!


There are a lot of essays on bullying available online. There is also a lot of secondary information and research about the state of bullying in schools and institutions – the chances are that even you have seen or experienced bullying first-hand. As such, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with the content. However, the content should be backed by scholarly articles written by accredited researchers.

As such, perform a comprehensive research based on your chosen topic. You will find lots of information on Google Scholar as well as in books. You can also refer to news articles that highlight the effects of bullying. Just make sure that you reference your research to give it credibility.

You can also try to get a better insight on bullying by interviewing students who have been bullied. This insight will be invaluable as you will get a clear perspective on the problem. Be sure to highlight their plight while keeping their identities anonymous. Emphasize on the effects of bullying on their victims and try to give recommendations on how to tackle the growing problem.


Your conclusion should sum it all up. It should highlight the problem in as few words as possible, highlight its effects, and make emphasis on potential solutions to bullying. Bullying essays that follow these guidelines not only rate well but also contribute towards solving the menace.

Follow this guide and you’ll enjoy writing your essay. If you can manage to write on your own, seek your english essay help. You can easily find lots of professional tutors and experienced writing assistants online.

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